Filantropi Indonesia: Capacity Building and SDGs


Updates on Filatropi Indonesia's work around capacity building for philanthropy organizations and our role in the implementation of the SDGs in Indonesia  

 By: Retnaningtyas Dwi Hapsari

 If we were to summarize Filantropi Indonesia’s year objectives, it would come down to two main things. First, the development of our members’ capacities, and secondly, our continued active involvement in the successful implementation SDGs in Indonesia. Here are a few updates on what we have been doing so far to achieve our organization’s goals.

We have two programs within our education sector that run regularly: the Philanthropy Learning Forum (PLF), a monthly forum discussion intended for the general public, and the Philanthropy Skill Share Forum (PSSF), a training program.  This year, we mixed up the themes and based the topics on current issues of philanthropy in Indonesia, as well as our members’ interests.

On February, we teamed up with the Employee Social Security Agency (BPJS Naker) to raise the issue of protection and welfare of philanthropy workers, and volunteers. There were many technical questions during the session, but the discussion was very lively which showed a much-needed attention on the welfare of philanthropy workers and volunteers.

During the month of March, we facilitated the training session: "Social Campaign through Effective and Creative Communication Strategy", where participants learned how to plan and execute social campaigns in their organizations. We also held two research disseminations and public discussions. The research, supported by Ford Foundation, linked back to the SDGs. For "Philanthropy Organizations’ Readiness in Supporting Achievement of SDGs in Indonesia", we worked together with PIRAC. For the second one, "Policies that Support and Hinder Philanthropy in Achieving SDGs", we partnered with Atmajaya University to map out public law and policies in Indonesia that support and hinder philanthropy for the implementation of SDGs.

In recent years, philanthropic activities develop rapidly in Indonesia, this development certainly makes the need for clear legal regulations. This is why on April, we discussed Indonesia’s Law on Organized Donation (UU No. 9/1961) with the support of our partners from Oxfam and UN OCHA. This was a much anticipated discussion since the new Law will affect all philanthropy activities in Indonesia. We were also able to give recommendations and inputs on what the bill should contain.

Supporting Indonesian Implementation of the SDGs

Filantropi Indonesia is also actively supporting the success of Sustainable Development Goals. We are involved in the Voluntary National Review discussion with the government (BAPPENAS) to make sure philanthropy work in Indonesia for SDGs is accounted. We will soon host the “Philanthropy Learning Forum on SDGs”, a roadshow in 8 major cities in Indonesia: Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Pekanbaru, Jambi and Jakarta.

Moving Forward: Upcoming Events

Filantropi Indonesi has two main agendas for the month of May. We are working on the Philanthropy Sharing Session with the theme "To Communicate and Promote Philanthropic Works Creatively", a partnership event with In-Docs and the Australian Embassy. At this exclusive session, we will host four speakers from Australia’s philanthropy actors to share their experience on creative strategies for philanthropists. The next Philanthropy Learning Forum, to be delivered at the end of the month, will have as a theme: "Philanthropy and Business Partnership for Research Development in Indonesia". We also plan to hold public discussions between philanthropic institutions in Indonesia and North America.

We look forward to these discussions, and we are grateful that our broad scope of work enables us to engage with a wide range of stakeholders.

About Filantropi Indonesia

Filantropi Indonesia is an independent non-profit organization, funded in 2003, aimed at promoting philanthropy in Indonesia, in order to contribute to the achievement of social justice and sustainable development.

Retnaningtyas Dwi Hapsari is Program and Documentation Officer at Filantropi Indonesia.

The author wants to thank Natasha Mayestha for translating from Indonesian.