SDGPP Brazil Hosts SDG Seminar with Private Social Investment Sector



 The SDG Philanthropy Platform Brazil gathered national philanthropy on May 31st in São Paulo for the seminar “Private Social Investment Sector Dialogues for the SDGs in Brazil”, to harness collaboration between institutes and foundations, expand impact to encourage human development and align its strategies with the global development goals.

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The capacity building workshop had the goal to inform and to catalyze the collaboration between philanthropic institutes and foundations by fostering connections among the social private investment sector, governments, and international organisms and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The seminar’s agenda focused on searching ways to use the SDGs as a theory of change for philanthropic organizations, while also addressing the relevance of innovation to promote sustainable development, and the role of corporate and familiar foundations and institutes in the achievement of this 2030 Agenda.

Heather Grady, vice president of the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, spoke about the SDGs and the Theory of Change. Additionally, Programme Officer, Leva Lazareviciute, discussed the localization of the SDGs in Brazil currently underway. Panels also included discussions and experiences from the Roberto Marinho Foundation, Liberta Foundation, and Maria Cecília Souto Foundation. Other panelists addressed benchmarking in the Corporate Social Investment (BISC) and Votorantim Metais’ CSR experiences of incorporating the SDGs agenda in its action guidelines.

The event was organized by UNDP along with international– Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisory and Foundation Center – and national partners – Instituto C&A, Itaú Social, Banco Itaú, Fundação Roberto Marinho, Rede Globo, Fundação Banco do Brasil, Instituto Sabin, GIFE, IDIS, WINGS and Comunitas.