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We Can All be Philanthropists - 2016 #GivingTuesday the Biggest Ever


Achieving the SDGs will require financial contributions from a range of sources. #GivingTuesday, the day of philanthropic giving, has grown rapidly to include over 30,000 organizations in 68 countries. In 2016, it raised a record US$168 million, which shows the increasing strength of philanthropy to achieve the SDGs.

Filantropi Indonesia: High Profile Launches and Forging Forwards


With the first Indonesia Philanthropy Festival, monthly discussion sessions, and involvement in international events with the Platform, FI’s global recognition has increased, along with the creation of many new partnerships to achieve the SDGs in Indonesia. In 2016, FI launched the Philanthropy Skill Share Forum, provided capacity building training and workshops, ran educational events, advocacy and facilitation programs, and conducted research with partners. FI looks forward to new partnerships and continued work with the Platform and others.

Indian Philanthropists Have the Passion and Resources to Create Change


The Indian government and the Indian philanthropic community are committed to achieve the SDGs through multi-stakeholder participation. Karolina Mzyk Callias recounts recent meetings with dynamic, optimistic Indian philanthropists and social entrepreneurs. This dynamic group can be a great engine to drive progress forward, with passion, money, and a focus on experimenting and finding solutions, through collaboration and the leveraging of resources, prioritizing issues and integration, and working on public policies.

Zakat Strengthen SDGs in Indonesia


Zakat has the potential to become an alternative power source in supporting the SDGs in Indonesia. Zakat has a high philanthropy resource potential in Indonesia. Data from BAZNAS (2015) shows that the potential Zakat giving Indonesia reached Rp 286 billion, while the amount of Zakat collected in 2015 reached Rp 3.6 trillion. The number of Zakat management organizations has also increased and achieved more rapid growth than other philanthropic institutions.

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