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Filantropi Indonesia: Capacity Building and SDGs


Updates on Filatropi Indonesia's work around capacity building for philanthropy organizations and our role in the implementation of the SDGs in Indonesia.  

Apply for the SDG Innovation Challenge in Zambia


The SDG Philanthropy Platform Zambia is pleased to launch a Challenge Prize, to source and award the most promising innovations to improve the well-being of children in Zambia within identified Intervention Pathways.

Submit proposals by May 23rd 2017.

Apply for the SDG Innovation Challenge to Accelerate Universal and Safe Water in Ghana




The SDG Philanthropy Platform Ghana invites you NGO's,community-based organizations, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, individuals, academics, and businesses, to apply for the innovation Challenge to source and award the most promising innovations to universal, safe, affordable water in Ghana.

We invite innovators to submit your proposal by May 12th, targeting one or several of the following challenges on the them of clean water.

Apply for the SDG Innovation Challenge to Accelerate ECD in Kenya



The SDG Philanthropy Platform Kenya invites social entrepreneurs, non-profits, academics, networks, and civil society champions, to join forces with the UN in Kenya and the SDG Philanthropy Platform, to identify and text breakthrough approaches for accelerating Early Childhood Development (ECD) impacts.

Apply by submitting proposals by May 9th.

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Webinar on Foundation Center's Data Strategy and Capacity Building Work

10-5-2017 to 10-5-2017

All SDGPP Pilot Countries and implementing partners joined a webinar on Foundation Center's global work on their data strategy and capacity building program. The webinar, titled ‘Developing a Data Strategy for Philanthropy and Building the Capacity to Implement it' – the role of Foundation Center with the SDG Philanthropy Platform’ took place on May 10, 2017, and was hosted by the SDG Philanthropy Platform.

Lauren Bradford, Director of Global Partnerships at Foundation Center was the key speaker. Other speakers included Arif Ekram, Manager of Global Partnerships at Foundation Center, Catherine Mwendwa, Program Officer at East African Association of Grantmakers (EAAG), and Arif Neky, Country Coordinator of SDGPP in Kenya. The speakers talked about the role and work of the Foundation Center in developing data strategies for philanthropy and building the capacity to implement it, and discuss how data strategy and capacity can be raised in, and connected with other sectors and in the UN system more broadly. There was also a discussion on the practical steps of collaboration between Foundation Center and the SDG Philanthropy Platform pilot countries and implementing partners, in delivering this work in a country.

The webinar was recorded and can be found here.

Reporting on the SDGs: what do investors need to know?

30-5-2017 to 30-5-2017 London; Online

This webinar will explore how companies can demonstrate to investors their commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals - and highlight what investors need to know.

The expert panel will give their perspective on this topical issue and take questions from the audience. Hear from:

Heike Reichelt, Head of Investor Relations and New Products, The World Bank

Martina Macpherson, Head of Sustainability Indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices

Nando van Kleeff, Senior Advisor Responsible Investment & Governance, MN

Geoffrey Burger, Owner & Portfolio Manager, Culture Capital

Ariel Meyerstein, Senior VP Corporate Sustainability, Citi

(Moderator) Carolien Gadella van-Wersch, Director Business Development, eRevalue

Join this interesting conversation online. 3PM London time.

2017 AVPN Conference in Bangkok

7-6-2017 to 9-6-2017 Bangkok, Thailand

Now in its fifth year, the AVPN Conference will bring together a diverse group of funders and resource providers from around the globe to take part in the largest gathering of philanthropists and social investors in Asia. This premier event provides opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration and advocacy for the growth of the social sector ecosystem in Asia.

This year’s theme “Collaboration for Impact” reflects the importance of partnership across sectors and borders when looking to tackle some of Asia’s biggest challenges. The event will focus on the need for strategic and outcome-focused approaches to social investing across the full spectrum of social and financial returns – from grantmakers to impact investors.

The 3-day gathering will feature examples of collaboration from AVPN members across Asia including deep dives into sectors like education, health, livelihoods, the environment, and more. The program will also include AVPN’s Deal Share Live – Investment Showcase, featuring pitches from 30 social purpose organizations supported by AVPN Members.

At this year’s Conference, speakers will include thought leaders, innovators and practitioners from across the region that are all making strides to grow and improve the philanthropy and social investment sector in Asia.

IHRFG's 2017 New York Conference

10-7-2017 to 13-7-2017

In light of the global trends of closing civic space and rising authoritarianism, funders must chart out new strategies for supporting human rights movements in this challenging environment.

IHRFG's New York 2017 Conference will address the following questions:

  • What are the causes of right-wing populism and nationalism? What tactics do authoritarian regimes use (such as fake news, revisionist histories, and attacks on pluralism), how do these tactics work, and how can they be resisted?
  • How are funders and human rights organizations finding space to maneuver within an increasingly repressive environment? What lessons can be culled from funders, organizations, and movements operating in challenging contexts and how can they be applied to emerging situations? How can funders continue to move resources in the face of increased restrictions (and real or perceived risks)?
  • What practices can funders use to support resilience and security among their grantees (including non-traditional philanthropic models)?
  • How can grantmakers fund movements or groups that are not staffed NGOs or registered organizations? How can funders support transformative leadership?
  • How can funders and human rights organizations break out of their silos? What lessons can be learnt from cross-movement initiatives or collaborations?
  • What tools and strategies do movements use to coordinate advocacy, campaigns, and litigation for human rights? How can funders help expand the constituency for human rights through strategic communications and grassroots organizing?

Registration will open soon. Please check back in the coming weeks.

About IHRFG Conferences

IHRFG’s conferences are an opportunity for participating grantmakers to hear and engage with leading human rights practitioners, policy makers,  and peers on timely human rights issues. These events serve as learning and networking forums that promote the exchange of information and collaboration among grantmakers.

Of, For, and By Grantmakers: Attendance Eligibility

IHRFG’s convening events are only open to IHRFG members, invited speakers, and individuals eligible for membership. Staff whose functions are primarily fundraising at their grantmaking institution are not eligible for participation.

IHRFG membership is open to staff, consultants** and trustees of private foundations, corporate foundations, community giving programs, quasi-governmental giving programs, faith-based giving programs, philanthropic advocacy and support organizations, individual philanthropists with significant giving programs, and public charities (public foundations and community foundations) whose primary activity is grantmaking and who do not relate to other IHRFG members primarily as grant-seekers.

**Philanthropic consultants are eligible to attend IHRFG's events only when sponsored by a grantmaking institution, which must allow you to represent that active foundation/grantmaker affiliation.

A "Safe Space" for Funders: No-Solicitation Policy

Fundraising and solicitation of funding/meetings/consulting clients is absolutely prohibited at IHRFG meetings. Please review our no-solicitation policy for more details.

If you are an invited speaker at this conference, please take a moment to review our non-grantmaker panelist participation policy.

IHRFG Scholarship Fund for Global South Members

IHRFG has established a scholarship fund to encourage participation at our conferences of grantmakers in the Global South and East with limited funds. If you would like to contribute to this fund, you can do so as part of the online registration process for our conferences.

If you have questions, would prefer to contribute to the fund in other ways, or would like to apply for a scholarship, please contact Keith Armstrong,


The conference and institute will be held at New York University's School of Law, hosted by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice.


IHRFG did NOT block any hotel rooms for this conference. For those interested, we created a list of suggested accommodations near the conference venue and elsewhere in New York City.

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