Selected MDG/SDG funding partnerships

First ever national “voice” for Philanthropy under the new Kenya Philanthropy Forum

The SDG Philanthropy Platform provided vital support to local foundations and trusts in Kenya to create the first ever national “voice” for philanthropy under the new Kenya Philanthropy Forum. This has allowed the sector to begin to establish its credibility through compiling data on philanthropic contributions and successful program approaches, and to display its unique strengths of innovation, risk tolerance, speed and agility, and grassroots development. Active engagement with other sectors, including government, has created more trusting and collaborative partnerships and fostered an enabling environment to deepen the impact of the philanthropy sector. As a result, over 200 foundations and trusts have been mapped and data collaborations have been initiated.


Further work with PFI to develop the Platform

The UNDP Indonesia Country Office and PFI are working together to develop a more detailed structure and working plan for the Platform. Four Working Groups have been proposed to function as main pillars of the Platform, each with a distinct development theme and explicit connection to relevant SDGs.  One official will be appointed to represent the Platform and sit within the national structure of the Indonesian SDGs Secretariat (a successor to the current MDG Secretariat in Bappenas – The Ministry of Planning).

Close working relationship with PFI (Indonesian Philanthropy Association)

A close working relationship with PFI (Indonesian Philanthropy Association) was established and has been thriving since the Platform’s launch in April 2015. Membership of PFI has doubled since then, with each member committing to operate according to the principles of PFI, one of which is mainstreaming the SDGs. Furthermore, new research on the sector has resulted in the creation of detailed profiles of 102 foundations, most of which are local members of PFI.

Joint programmes and engagement in thematic areas in Ghana

Through the SDG Philanthropy Platform, work has begun on developing joint programmes and collective engagement in several thematic areas prioritised at the launch, particularly in the areas of employability, jobs, and financial inclusion. Furthermore, there are a number of joint initiatives for the WASH sector in the region.

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SDG Design-Thinking Water Initiative Workshop: How to Improve Water Challenges in Ghana for the SDGs

23-3-2017 to 23-3-2017 Holiday Inn, Accra

On Thursday, March 23 from 8:15am to 5:00pm at the Holiday Inn, Accra, the SDG Philanthropy Platform will host a creative workshop of high-level, diverse groups working on the theme of water in Ghana. Participants are drawn from government, academia, NGOs, think and do tanks, social enterprises, private sector etc. They will work together to brainstorm on innovative solutions to water challenges.

The workshop is designed to be an interactive, collaborative, results-building process to give voice to the best minds in the water sector in Ghana and beyond. Participants will complete a systemic review of what is working and what is not in scaling clean water across Ghana. The workshop will also explore the intersectionality of clean water with other SDGs. Participants will set the framework to drive change, make a huge impact, and save precious resources through avoiding redundancies and known pitfalls.

We hope that at the end of the workshop, participants will have a uniform appreciation of system thinking as well as three critical pathways to effect change.

Follow the SDG Philanthropy Platform Twitter @PhilSDGs for event updates.

How can we be more strategic to enable a sustainable peace within the SDGs framework?

17-3-2017 UNDP Office, Carrera, Colombia

On the 17th of March 2017, from 8:30 - 10:30am at the UNDP Office in Carrera, the Association of Corporate and Family Foundations (AFE) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), have organised a learning workshop highlighting AFE Colombia's Report on Peace and Philanthropy in the light of the SDGs. AFE Colombia has prepared this report as part of its partnership with the SDG Philanthropy Platform.
The workshop aims to gain insight from participants, collect new information, and understand further challenges identified by civil society and philanthropy in the process to support peace building in Colombia.
The workshop will hold an interactive discussion session on the information in the report.

Looking to the Future: Localising the Global Goals in Minnesota

9-3-2017 Medtronic Foundation 710 Medtronic Parkway Minneapolis, MN 55432

There are significant challenges facing Minnesota’s communities, including racial inequality in education, economic opportunities and health outcomes. In Minnesota, members of the philanthropic community work in a variety of innovative and collaborative ways to address these challenges and create a sustainable future.

The SDG Philanthropy Platform, Council on Foundations, Minnesota Council on Foundations, and Medtronic Foundation, are excited to co-host a meeting in the Twin Cities on March 9, 2017 to discuss how work already underway across Minnesota supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mayors around the U.S. – including Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges - agreed to implement these goals in their cities alongside federal agencies, all working towards ending extreme poverty and leaving no one behind in a more equitable America by 2030.

This event will discuss the following themes:

As American philanthropy grapples with local challenges, how do solutions and experiences link to challenges elsewhere around the globe? How can the Global Goals enhance domestic programs in the United States? How can funders in Minnesota develop innovative approaches to local challenges and join other cities and states across the U.S in utilizing the SDGs framework?


Morning discussions will highlight ongoing efforts of Minnesota philanthropy, current needs and recent analyses of local challenges, and discuss the broader context of the SDGs. The afternoon will feature deep-dive conversations around specific areas of ongoing work in Minnesota and how funders can explore new approaches and partnerships to reaching ambitious targets locally, including education, economic security, and health.

Speakers will include:

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges
Trista Harris, President, Minnesota Council on Foundations
R.T. Rybak, President, Minneapolis Foundation
Sherry Magill, President, Jessie Ball duPont Fund and Chair of Board, Council on Foundations
Jacob Gayle, Vice President for Philanthropy, Medtronic Philanthropy
Jennifer Chavez-Rubio, Senior Director, Global Engagement, Medtronic Philanthropy
Criag Helmstetter, Senior Research Manager, Wilder Research
Andreas Hipple, Senior Program Advisor, GHR Foundation
Lauren Bradford, Director of Global Partnerships, Foundation Center
Natalie Ross, Senior Director of Global Philanthropy and Partnerships, Council on Foundations
Mike Beard, Global Health Director and Exec Director of Better World Campaign, United Nations Foundation

For more information, see the Council on Foundations Event Page

Storify: SDG Philanthropy Platform Launch Event in India

24-1-2017 Mumbai, India

High-level roundtable on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) -Philanthropy Platform Imperial Hall, The Taj Mahal Palace, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai, Tuesday, 24th January 2017.

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