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3rd West Africa Civil Society Policy Dialogue Series for 2017

21-6-2017 to 23-6-2017 University of Ghana Business School

The 3rd West Africa Civil Society Policy Dialogue Series for 2017 on the theme: Mobilizing African Giving to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa.
The policy dialogue will be held in conjunction with International Society for Third Sector Research Africa Network (ISTRAN) Conference from 21st to 23rd June. The dialogue will explore ways through which giving in Africa can be harnessed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It will examine the current context of giving in Africa and propose strategies for ensuring its effective contribution to sustainable development.

Pearl Darko, from the SDG Philanthropy Platform will join other panelists on this event. As a speaker, she will shed light on the work of the SDGs Philanthropy Platform in Ghana and the challenges affecting local resource mobilization for the global agenda. 

Theme: Mobilising African giving to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa
Date: 22 June 2017
Time: 10am – 12:30pm
Venue: University of Ghana Business School, Graduate Building, Accra
RSVP by emailing Regina Baiden at rbaiden@wacsi.orgFor further enquiries about the policy dialogue, please email Omolara Balogun, Head of Policy Influencing and Advocacy Unit at or call +233 243746790.

Himalayan Valley Social Entrepreneurs Power Silicon Valley


Young people from India are connecting rural farmers to global markets to achieve the SDGs

European Venture Philanthropy Association Webinar

14-6-2017 to 14-6-2017 Webinar

In this 10th session of the EU Webinar Series, EVPA will demonstrate venture philanthropy and social investment as a potent instrument for advancing the SDGs, due to its highly effective, accountable and sustainable nature.

Practitioners from the sector representing different institutions will discuss their distinct approaches to pursuing the SDGs, thus shedding light on the various ways that VP/SI can be harnessed. The speakers will also share their experiences and insights as to what further measures are needed, in particular at the policy level, to facilitate, incentivise and hold to account private capital flows into SDGs.


  • Karen Wilson – GV Partners & OECD
  • Rina Kupferschmid Rojas – UBS Wealth Management
  • Fabio Segura – Jacobs Foundation
  • Speaker to be confirmed – Danone

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

How Does Your Work Align with the SDGs?

Use our new tool, the SDG Indicator Wizard, to determine which Sustainable Development Goals and Targets relate to your work, and which indicators you can track in conjunction with your own indicators to measure your work’s impact.

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Who Are We?

The SDG Philanthropy Platform informs and catalyzes collaboration through building awareness and connections between those working in the philanthropy sector and beyond. We share a belief that the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an important and effective new roadmap to a better world for all. We have brought together hundreds of foundations and philanthropists across many countries to create new partnerships to increase funding and create programs that will have greater, and more sustainable, impact on people’s lives. The SDGs weave together social, economic, and environmental challenges and solutions, and their creation and endorsement by all the world’s governments represents the efforts and voices of millions of people globally.

Launched by the United Nations Development Program, Foundation Center, and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors in 2014, our Platform’s partnerships illustrate the dedication of foundations and philanthropists from North and South America to Asia and from Europe to Africa. Explore our website and learn how you can join our effort to create the world we all hope to see.

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