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Share of Total Foundation SDG Funding for 2010-2015

1% $1,647,418,590

Top 25




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Distribution of Foundation Funding by SDG for 2010-2015

Distribution of ODA Funding by SDG for 2010-2015

Change in Foundation Funding

The line above represents only partial data for 2015 as data collection for 2015 is still ongoing.

Change in Official Development Assistance (ODA) Funding

Distribution of Foundation Funding by Population

Indigenous Peoples

285 Grants

Children & Youth

296 Grants

Women & Girls

188 Grants

Migrants & Refugees

67 Grants

People with HIV/AIDS

7 Grants

People with Disabilities

12 Grants

Crime or Abuse Victims

18 Grants

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

7 Grants