ActionAid Kenya Launches SDG-Ambassadors


With today’s unprecedented pace of change, the pressure to reinvent ourselves and our methodological approaches as CSO’s is relentless. As part of ActionAid Kenya’s effort to deliver more cost-effective, sustainable, scalable and agile approaches to youth engagement at the local level, the organization has established a new strategic partnership with Ashoka East Africa, GrowthAfrica and British Council Kenya. The partnership aims co-create a vibrant network of young social entrepreneurs who create decent jobs for young people and empower women living in poverty and exclusion in Kenya. The program is named SDG-Ambassadors referring to the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

In Kenya, young women and men grapple with serious social, political and environmental challenges and are systematically excluded from leadership and policy making decisions. This continues to lay ground for one of the most grappling phenomenon faced by young Kenyans, unemployment. The Kenyan youth constitutes about 80 percent of the total population while youth unemployment stands at approximately 55 percent.

SDG-Ambassadors Kenya supports social enterprises with proven business models and non-profits that bring innovative and scalable solutions to challenges related to gender equality and youth unemployment in Kenya.

Organizations apply with their most innovative and proven solutions. Finalists get access to financial resources, ActionAid’s network and a customized mentorship program supported by our highly experienced knowledge partners.

Your application could be among the six winners who will receive a 500,000 KES investment grant and mentorship worth 350,000 KES.

Apply now ( before the deadline on 26th August 2018 at 23.59 EAT.

Learn more about the SDG-Ambassadors on our website: