Forum Philanthropy and Business in Indonesia – SDGs for a better Indonesia


By Ita Satyaningrum Mucharam

The link between philanthropy and corporate social responsibility lies in a socially committed attitude and approach to help others, enhancing the impact of giving to create sustainable outcomes. In this theme, stakeholders of philanthropy and business in Indonesia partnered to support the achievement and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by establishing the Forum ‘Filantropi dan Bisnis Indonesia - FBI for SDGs’, with the tagline ‘SDGs for a better Indonesia’, whose membership has grown to 11 Associations, representing over 700 foundations and business.

Building on each association’s different strengths and focus, six working groups were established to focus on tool development, best practices, converting existing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) activities into SDG activities, awareness building and socialization, implementing the activities at regional and district levels, and advocacy and regulation.

This form of collaboration is in line with SDG 17 on partnership for the global goals, and is in line with Indonesia’s spirit of collaboration, described through the Indonesian proverb ‘Berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing’ or “A heavy load should be borne together as well as a light load”.

The members of the Forum FBI for SDGs include Filantropi Indonesia - Indonesian Philanthropy Association (FI), UN Global Compact – Indonesian Network (IGCN), Partnership for Sustainable Community (CCPHI), Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN), Indonesian Business Coalition for Sustainable Development (IBCSD), Indonesian CSR Society (ICSRS), Scaling Up Nutrition Movement (SUN Movement), Corporate Forum for Community Development (CFCD), Partnership for Indonesian Sustainable Agriculture (PISAgro), Indonesian Business Link (IBL) and the Association of State Owned Business.

Ita Satyaningrum Mucharam is Coordinator of the SDG Philanthropy Platform, Indonesia