SDG-NTEE Mapping Tool


Created in 2017, the Global Goals Mapping Tool is a comprehensive resource that maps giving and volunteerism using both the IRS National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) codes and the United Nations International Classification of Nonprofit Organizations (ICNPO) codes to classify the activity and programs of charities and connect them to the SDGs. The Global Goals Mapping Tool is an Excel spreadsheet created by Global ImpactBlackbaud, the Council on Foundations, and Candid, four leading organizations in the social good community.

Creating a shared alignment resource and common language, the Global Goals Mapping Tool supports foundations seeking to align their grantmaking with the Sustainable Development Goals, allowing for program or portfolio managers to easily and efficiently track their grantees’ activity in relation to the Goals. For a $5,000 fee, organizations may license the use of the Tool for staff-wide usage, enabling all team members to access and benefit from the Global Goals Mapping Tool. The Tool is the perfect solution for grants management systems and databases, efficiently expanding the capacity of your software to track the SDGs.

If you are interested in learning more or obtaining the Global Goals Mapping Tool, please contact Brian Kastner, Global Philanthropy Manager, at or visit this page.