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Larm Rmah

Larm Rmah

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AVPN Southeast Asia Social Investing Summit 2020

12-2-2020 to 14-2-2020 Bali, Indonesia

After 3 years of successfully hosting the AVPN Myanmar Summit, AVPN is expanding this event to cover the broader Southeast Asia region and moving to Bali, Indonesia in February 2020. The AVPN Southeast Asia Social Investing Summit 2020 will bring together philanthropists, corporations, impact investors, financial institutions and other social investors and capacity builders working across the continuum of capital to address key social challenges facing Southeast Asia today and in the future. As with every AVPN event, the convening will be focused on connection and collaboration with an emphasis on actionable and market-focused strategies to drive more capital towards impact.

Themed ‘The Power of Networks’, the event will aim to help partners and delegates harness opportunities to collaborate, share experiences, learn from best practices, find partners and investable opportunities, and lead change to achieve their goals in a much larger scale.

To learn more about the event, please visit:

Long-Term Care Following the Great Recession in European Countries (published by the Social Observatory of “la Caixa” Foundation)


Caregiving decisions are influenced by the availability and affordability of different types of care. Economic recessions such as the recent Great Recession stand out as experiences from which to learn about the effects of economic incentives on caregiving decisions. This article examines the influence of the economic downturn on caregiving decisions in European countries and specifically on the implementation of a widespread long-term care (LTC) reform in Spain. We find that the recession led to increased availability of informal caregivers but at the same time to reduced affordability of home and community care services. The Spanish experience reveals that the Great Recession encompassed an expansion in informal care explained by the increased uptake of caregiving allowances, which subsequently gave rise to a reform in 2012 that reduced the public subsidisation of old age care.

The Evolution of the Economy and the Rejection of Immigration in Europe (published by the Social Observatory of “la Caixa” Foundation)


The rejection of immigration is explained by objective economic elements such as the financial crisis, the economic vulnerability of households and workers’ exposure to labor market competition.

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