Investing in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Kenya: A primer for philanthropists and other social investors has been designed to help philanthropic and other social investment organizations and individuals to engage in delivering sustainable development in Kenya in line with the local context and the emerging SDG support and coordination mechanisms.

The role of philanthropic and other social investment organizations - venture philanthropists, social investors, impact investors and others1 - in helping to drive a coordinated effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a critical one. Indeed, philanthropy's importance as an integrated player in the global agenda has been gaining wider recognition and traction since the inception of the SDGs, and philanthropic leaders around the world are joining the dialogue to help jointly formulate pathways for more proactive engagement with government, UN agencies, civil society and business.

It is more critical than ever for philanthropy and social investment actors to understand the emerging SDG ecosystem in the countries in which they work and particularly to understand how to engage with, influence and benefit from coordination around the SDGs. Such an understanding, which this Primer aims to provide, is the starting point for greater alignment of and coordination between the variety of actors striving to achieve similar and/or complementary goals under the umbrella of the SDGs.

Published 7-9-2016



SDG Philanthropy Platform

Geographic Focus

Africa (Eastern) / Kenya